In a world bathed in darkness, Vampires have existed since beginning of time. They survive through guile, manipulation and outlasting those lesser than them. They live with a culture of their own design, intertwined with the mortal world around them. For centuries, rule over the night has wavered between peace and all out war and back again as The Camarilla and The Sabbat struggle with each other -- struggles that have left lasting scars upon both sects, and a darkness that festers even now upon their immortal souls.

The city of Elmira is gripped by war, once held by a Camarilla Prince, and now in the clutches of The Sabbat. It is here that the masquerade struggles upon the thin veneer it lies. Will the Bishop of Elmira lead them into a new era? Or into untold horrors and darkness?

Tied to each other by the mystical rituals of The Sabbat, the court lashes out at this which once gave them shelter. The Ivory Tower. The Camarilla.

Will the future hold nothing but the cold embrace of darkness? Or will we become the righteous paragons that has become our right?

Only time -- and you -- can tell.

Join the members of the Hellmira LARP Association and be part of story as it unfolds.

Art used with permission from the artist.